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Context: Como Lake
There is these small little but romantic village Menaggio at the Como Lake in Italy. A community of property owner from the Netherlands booked us to create different media- and PR „stories“ about their vacation apartments and houses for renting out. After different Pre-Meetings in Hong Kong and Shanghai Christian von der Eltz flews from Shanghai to Italy.
First he tooks a day for a local research. He wants to under- stand where he is. Main interest was local surrounding, culture and life style. What kind of people are living here and how? All this would  influences the later idea.
With every view more Christian von der Eltz start to frame the story more and more. He follows simply his own conceptual principles and rules.
The client was highly thrilled… for a moment. Then comes the „but“ as CvdE told him what to do. He wants to create a Apartment „Full of Life“ and not just a simple a furniture show room. That includes a decoration concept he already found in his  mind and somebody from Milan who could play the host. But there was no „hardware“. Christian von der Eltz explained the alternative and the smile was gone… So he wrotes a list and  droves to Milan for shopping. With all the new stuff he created and decorate a apartment which gives a imagination of life feeling for future guests. The later quantity of requests after publishing the PR-Story confims every decision and further more costs.  
New bedspread and a stylish Italian poster as a decorative eye-catcher
As Christian von der Eltz arrived, he found a poor naked and empty apartment. Not convincing for the special idea he present during the dinner.
Idea. Conception. Decoration. Arrangements. Photography. Later Media Productions: copyright: Christian von der Eltz, CEA
Sample: Como Lake, Menaggio, Italy
PR Press Media
Property PR. Investments for private Hospitality Business.
After the first impressions he knew, it should have something to do with „privacy, intimacy, elegance and charm“ as a special benefit for guests.
Show that you are a good host.
The job is to create a inspiring PR image.                                     Desire based on emotions…