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Paolo Lucioli
P a s s i o n & Experience
Food & Beverage     PR
Food and Beverage PR based on Food and Beverage Photography combined with copy illustration. And not reverse. And it is not a secret that F&B Photography is the most difficult discipline in Photography at all. But the most what we see is fake. The F&B Photographs are manipulated with tricks and photoshop. What guests see on a Menu card or in media is mostly not that, what is later on a plate. Honestly? We call it cheating. And it is better we say that and do it consequently not then the guests say it and talk about it in the public. F&B Photography is the most sensitive theme ever. In the best case it supports service and sales. In the worst case guests make smartphone photos from the menu card and the reality for Social Media.
F&B Photography can not convey TASTE, but presentation and a feel of QUALITY. Good F&B Photos are „appetizer“. And pro‘s in the kitchen and behind the camera don‘t need tricks. Kitchen delivery and photography has to be  at the same equal level. „What Eltz?“
See what you get
This is just only 60 percent quality for web publishing. No photoshop. No tricks. Copy and paste is stricktly forbidden.©