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IMDB Shot-Book for PR-Hospitality Business, Image and Sales
Outdoor Architecture and surrounding/Park… Entry Area with doorman Lobby area Interior and Architecture Decoration Launch corner Lobby Cafe incl. dynamic scenes Lobby Shops Reception Desk Check in Scenes Rooms and Suites Interior Design Decoration Technical Equipment Room Service Bathroom Area Outdoor Area (Terrace) Breakfast Restaurant Interior Design Table Set up Table Deco Buffet Arranged Table Service Dynamic Scenes Conference and Business Conference Rooms Table Set ups (U/Block/Line, Stage) Coffee Break Finger Food Extras Spa, Gym, Pool Indoor/Outdoor incl. Bars and Services Architecture and Interior Technical Equipment Still-Life Dynamic Scenes if possible Lunch Restaurant incl. Food Photography Interior and Decoration Table Set ups Services F&B Arrangements for Still-Life Hotel Cafe or Launch rooms Interior Design Cakes and Sweets Coffee and Tea Arrangements Hotel Entertainment and Indoor Sports Architecture and Interior Dynamic Scenes Outdoor Sports Golf Course Tennis Sailing… Location and dynamic Scenes Kids Club if available Dinner Restaurant Interior and Decoration Table Set ups Services F&B Arrangements for Still-Life Bars and Clubs Architecture and Interior Table Deco Table Set ups Beverage Arrangements Dynamic Scenes Galas, Events, Shows Architecture and Interior Table Set ups Table Decoration Dynamic Scenes Show Acts and Documentations People Portraits: leading Manager Please consider that the character of every Hotel or Restaurant changed from day light to night light. It is a question of charm and emotions what light creates. A Hotel Shooting can be arranged as a one step production up to 3 days or as a single theme step by step.
Pure Restaurant
Location Surrounding Architecture/Entry Terrace, Garden, Park, Street Interior and Decoration concept Table Set ups Dynamic Services Scenes F&B Arrangements for Still-Life Food and Beverage Starter Main course Dessert Menue Business Lunch/Promotions „Burning Kitchen“
Context- and update Stories Running content and media distribution Inside Hotel, Restaurant, Destination Spot Portraits Events Culture Lifestyle
Research Documentation Reportage Story Telling Copy/Concetion and Story writing Photo Collection Production Media Distribution Market Share Conception: All rights reserved
Hospitality Photography is the most important „story telling tool“ we have. Photography is visual communication. Without doubt it effects and influences guests but also business partner the most. Hospitality photography is a comprehensive scheme with own rules for different targets. There is photography for product presentation, photography for image branding, story telling and PR. And there is photography for sales. We need photo artwork for stand alone key visuals, page layouts, copy illustration and travel journalism. But all and everything ask for different requirements and finally for a conscious visual language. For that in 2002 Christian von der Eltz developed  the CEA IMDB Hospitality Image Data Base with conceptual background. And that means quality, creativity and high quantity for a specific selective choice. This is capital. Based on a specification sheet and later creative briefing we photographed Hospitality Business  on nearly all continents since 1992.
Hotel PR & Media Content
Photography first.