Location Surrounding Architecture/Entry Terrace, Garden, Park, Street Interior and Decoration concept Table Set ups Dynamic Services Scenes F&B Arrangements for Still-Life Food and Beverage Starter Main course Dessert Menu Business Lunch/Promotions „Burning Kitchen“
Successful Restaurant Re-Opening Concept by: Christian von der Eltz: Table Set-up Concept/Indoor
Summer Launch: Outdoor, Terrace
High prize Summer Promotion 5 Star Hotel: Luxury Candle Light Dinner (Pre-Wedding/Event for two) with special service. Idea, Copy/Conception, Photography, Creatice Direction: Christian von der Eltz. PR-Campaign in Special Interest Magazines (national)
18 times adopted for Luxury Hotels and Star Restaurants in France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany incl. Press Story
If we come the very first time to a client, we have a all over idea what to do but we have seldom an idea about the real back- ground situation. But of course we feel, if something is going worst with our client. We try to help and ask with empathy. And that can change a lot especially if we may help. Then we take responsibility.
A change process is sometimes the last chance.
Every photo shooting gives us the deepest impression about a hospitality business. The business model, guests, performance, quality, team and business model. The shooting is the one and only essential source to learn all required details about a Hotel, a Restaurant or a destination spot. We come in contact. With all senses.
The idea for new strategies, concepts, changes and stories is the final result beside the Image Data Base. The essential basic for a further development in all directions. It is much more than only to produce photos.
Licence Artwork: All rights reserved.
Happy again after 3 month hard work at a lost place. Final fight for a 3 Star Hotel. 2 Options: Close or change after 50 years. CvdE creates a new concept for a biker Hotel with adequate services (Hotel F&B). Launch with a national PR Campaign and  press stories in SPI-Media.
The Hotel became very fast a Hotspot. Black ZERO after 12 month. Today: Full booked. Reservation required. The owner (Chef) made still a driving license and his son guides groups threw the local area. This change process was successful.
Acting with professionalism and humanity… and quality awareness in all details is a good precondition to run a successful restaurant business. Let me ask? How is your business running? Excellent? Then you do something right. Keep it and think about every day, what you can do to improve the public perception. Here we can help you. It could be better? Let`s talk about the most important edge points. Restaurant positioning, concept, location, performance, public perception, media work. This is the first step in the right direction. The next is to produce a qualified Image Data Base for PR Story Telling. That pushes and influences attention and the public perception.
Restaurant Shootbook for Image, PR and Sales
Running content daily news and events PR Press Media work
With a safe place for the bikes, support with tools, rooms biker love and open fire BBQ with Beer in the night  we make every biker happy. But the highlightis a special breakfast concept with incentive. This little Hotel became a award winner in the scene.
Restaurant PR & Media Content