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Acting with professionalism and humanity, quality awareness in all details… and finally a good PR Consultant can effect a lot in hospitality business.“
We can support you to evaluate  quality and performance from different perspectives: We can evaluate the possibly personal perception as a guest in your business. The possibly public perception in relevant media. From this result we can evaluate the positioning and hospitality business concept. We can fix new targets and optimize concepts with new ideas and innovative thinking.
All these is already precondition for new business and business development. And that happens today in nearly all cases with PR media work. Even on the spot. We make it explainable, understandable, reasonable, logical and finally…visible. PR communicate with all senses. Only active communication makes response for further developments.
30 years substantial core competence and       experience in  PR Hospitality Business and       writing Photojournalism Hotel, Restaurant, Food & Beverage,       Entertainment and Tourism Development       Media Content, story telling       (Official Administrations and Investors Europe. USA. South America. Africa. Asia 40 years 4A-Agency level brand business Project Development Client Consulting Brand Management Campaign and Content Creation Cross Media Production Photography Writing Photojournalism 30 years independent Own Media Development: Expert knowledge in: Travelling, Art, Culture,       History
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Consulting Hospitality Brand Developments (Launch/Re-Launch) Strategic Hospitality Operator-Conceptions       incl. budgeting. (Theme positioning) Hospitality Openings, Re-Opening Guest Relation Service Concepts Tourism Spot Development Event and Promotion Development
Hospitality Brand Development and Brand Communication
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Public Relations Consulting Basic review and definition of the key data of brand, products, services and target groups Grundsaetzliche Ueber- pruefung und Festlegung der strategischen Eck- daten von Marke, Produkt, Service und Zielgruppe. Definition of public relevant objectives and interests. Festlegung oeffentich re- levanter Ziele und Interessen. Definition of relevant media. Festlegung relevanter Medien. Development of a con- ceptual editorial plan. Entwicklung eines kon- zeptionellen Redaktions- plans. Theme Development Projecting Media Content Production Media Distribution Themen Entwicklung Projektierung Media Content Produktion Media Distribution
Travel journalism