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My favourite island in Germany is Norderney. Here I took a lot of time-outs and worked together with Hotels and the tourism office.
But the real stars here are the see dogs. Our „Seehunde“.
My favourite Hotel is „Friese“. The name describes a special area in North Germany and people with an own character. Warm but straight.
I photographed a lot of rooms on this Island. But this is where I lived always I came.
The day starts with a perfect breakfast…
…and my personal highlight is a fish burger looks like this.
Norderney          has never bad weather. Only the dress   can be a wrong choice. Depend on the   seasonal time there are beautiful sunrises and sunsets with perfect light for emotional PR-Photography.
Photographed by my assistant.
© Image Data Base Christian von der Eltz
„Product Presentation“ and „Product Context“ melt into a running touching novella full of emotional life with single episodes about culture, art and people.
And people are „hungry“ for stories and authentic photography everywhere in the world. Smartphones and W-Lan make all and everything available any time at any place. And that will no more change. Social Media Content goes around the world. It makes the work detectable and linked people. Amazing!  
To fulfil the creative part of Hotel, F&B, Event and Tourism business requires for independence. Independent structures, independent organisation and full professional own equipment. It is a remote and stand alone job but with binding agreements and high reliability in all details. Communication and contact has to be warranted. Later production and media distribution can be a team job again. First Christian von der Eltz has started this profession already 21 years in 2000 from his Studio Base in Duesseldorf. In 2014 he moved to Shanghai and travelled across Asia. In 2021 he will open a second base in Italy, if the situation allows. And the Studio? During the last 7 years the commercial Studio became more and more a  Atelier for Art- and PR portraits with own Gallery-Part. Everybody in this job has his own preferences and substantial knowledge. Beside fundamental business experience in Hotel, F&B, Events and Tourism on nearly all continents is it here: History, Culture, Art, Social Life, Classical Life Style, Jazz, Golf, Sailing, Long distance Motorcycle Trips. All this is connected with Street Photography, Documentation, Book Productions, Exhibitions and a lot of more.
The temporary end of a trip in middle of the Sahara.
3 Cars with Security, Team an Equipment stick in the sand.
The morning after the sand storm
First period: 8 week Africa Trip for ITS/FTI alone with local team Good decision.
Thankful for hospitality: A dry house, hot tea and a warm meal.
What could feel for others like a disaster trip is for me and my temporary team only a challenge. The first web-catalogue shoot for ITS/FTI was full of these challenges and even in civilized areas can happen a lot. But what ever happen… “you“ have to deal it with special skills. Finally it is what people „like“… Something authentic. The hole world, real life and travelling is an unexpected adventure with „sunshine, rain and storms“…
Africa, 2002
Co work. The creative part of hospitality business.
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